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Transparency in the management of state affairs

Budgetary, financial and economic.

Assessing the relevance of the DLIs

Innovate in terms of controlling the real economy and establishing new development indicators.

Independent Commission for the Restoration of Public Finances

Verification of the conformity of the constitution of the assets of politicians, senior officials and agents of the administration.

Declaration of bank accounts abroad

Obligation is made to the servants of the state, to declare their bank accounts abroad as well as the income of possible real estate possessions.

Declaration of land and real estate

In order to protect the land assets of Mauritanians, the servants of the state, the candidates for the elections, must declare their land and real estate assets on an annual basis.

The Court of Auditors

Require the court of auditors to publish their general annual report regularly and on time, because the last one accessible on their official (unsecured) site dates from 2006.

Fight against conflicts of interest and insider trading

Creation of an independent and citizen body to fight against conflicts of interest and insider trading.

Cross-check Mauritania's economic data

If the state is not transparent about its economic management, it is necessary to be able to override it, by cross-checking the data collected by the economic partners, the economic information published in the press and government announcements.

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