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What We stand for:

In creating this news site, we did not want to limit ourselves only to this objective, although it was in itself a noble mission.

The Mauritanian journalistic universe online, being already studded with similar news sites. We thought that it would be wise to complete this work by adding the foundations of a new social bond.

The Moreria will be a civic space for deliberations, where those who wish can express their ideas for the real development of our country and the tangible improvement of the living conditions of our populations.

It will also be a platform for consultations, where we can define priorities, the order in which we want to address them, as well as the deadlines we set, to achieve their resolution.

We believe that a pragmatic and dispassionate approach is likely to restore to the Mauritanians some of their political influence. Mauritanian political representation has failed in the past (at least for 30 years) and still fails today to fulfill its function of embodying the aspirations of voters and acting on their behalf.

This reality has caused the emergence of various citizen movements over the past ten years, each claiming specific interests, the ideological and militant vacancy of official political parties partly explaining this phenomenon.

Indeed, if nobody defends the general interest of the nation in a visible way, if there is no longer the expression of social struggles and power relations in the political field, then the collective room for maneuver is non-existent.

The division of national interests into as many counts, has the expected consequence of weakening the whole of the political opposition by the scattering of its vital forces and by the compartmentalisation of societal issues.

This vision exclusively benefits the military power, which has governed Mauritania for 40 years. We want to offer something else to the Mauritanians a peaceful alternative for an effective change. This gift that we give you, it is in fact you who will breathe life into it.

La Moréria will be the virtual space that we will share in order to prepare a Mauritania that conforms to our values ​​and our expectations. A place that you can nurture and where you can gather information, put forward your points of view and your experience, work on various subjects, highlight your inventiveness and your creativity.

La Moréria is above all an attitude, a state of mind to which we adhere by principle and conviction.

It represents our ambitions, what we want to be, what we know to be, but which we do not see expressed in our environment.

It is a requirement vis-à-vis our History and ourselves.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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